Membership Criteria

Healthcare Professionals registered and in good standing with a relevant Council may apply to join the association as a Ordinary or Associate member.

Obstetricians Gynaecologists, Urologists and Surgeons apply to become ordinary members while Registrars and Physiotherapists apply for associate membership.

Membership Options IUGA Fee SAUGA Fees Total Fee
US$110 IUGA web access,
Electronic IUJ access &
12 issues IUJ hardcopy
R1 645 R350 Ordinary

R250 Associate
R1 995

R1 895
US$90 IUGA web access &
Electronic IUJ
R1 345 R350 Ordinary

R250 Associate
R1 695

R1 595
US$75 IUGA web access only R1 122 R350 Orinary

R250 Associate
R1 472

R1 372
Option 1:
R1995 for Ordinary Members/R1895 for Associate Members
Membership plus annual hard copy subscription to IUJ with electronic access at no additional charge

Option 2:
R1695 for Ordinary Members/R1595 for Associate Members
Membership with open electronic access only to the IUJ

Option 3:
R1472 for Ordinary Members/R1372 for Associate Members
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